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Post Posted: Tue Dec 20, 2011 12:17 am 

serleran wrote:Not a rumor. They had done things like that, such as the Necromancer modules printed by TLG (L-series and Mother of All Encounter Tables) and also the Trigee materials (Lejendary Adventure / Gygaxian Fantasy World series) and so forth. They also, aside from TLG itself, have done a couple of board games (Planet Busters from Tom Wham) and other, non-roleplaying stuff under the Chenault and Grey Publishing company (which is the parent of TLG, by the way.)

I believe that Frog God Games has also printed recent modules on contract through Troll Lord Games.

**Edit:  I didn't notice that post I quoted was more than two years old.  Still, interesting stuff.

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