JG 1st Printing Values
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Post Posted: Tue Jun 10, 2008 6:00 pm 

I'm looking for an indication of the current values of my JG collection which I'm needing to jeteson. I have the following in almost absolute mint condition:

Wilderlands of High Fantasy 1st Print
Wilderlands of the Magic Realms 1st Print
Fantastic Wilderlands Beyonde 1st Print
Wilderlands of the Fantastic Reaches 1st Print
Tarantis 1st Print

I also have CSIO with the glossy white/red/grey cover, the beneath the CSIO thingy suppliment and some version of CSoWE, all in mint condition.

Ooh. And a full run of JGJournals from installment I (I think that was the first one).

These form the core of a small JG collection I put together in 2004 and are most deffinately in collector's quality condition, but there doesn't seem to be much movement through eBay so it's kinda hard to estimate values.

I presume it's best to sell them individually, but what about splitting the Wilderlands into their individual suppliemnts?

Any advice would be most welcome.

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