Bill Owen Q&A
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Post Posted: Wed Jan 06, 2021 9:30 pm 

Sorry to hear about your travel business.  This pandemic is really taking a toll on small businesses, especially in the leisure and entertainment areas.

Looking forward to a revamping of Tractics and the Fast Rules!

Are you thinking about a Kickstarter for one or both?  It could give you some working capital, and some ideas on what people are most interested in seeing in the books.  I'd be fine with B&W, but you could have a couple of tiers - standard and deluxe edition.  Of course the Kickstarter versions could be limited editions as well.


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Post Posted: Fri Jan 08, 2021 12:17 pm 

Hi dbartman,

Thanks for the acknowledgment of the toll on the travel industry. And I appreciate that you are interested in the rulesets.

We will offer an optional booklet of just the "pull-outs" (what Tractics called the looseleaf charts). Those will be in color and will roughly match the original edition's paper colors! While the font size is larger, some charts are condensed. So there will be less flipping through pages. Back then, we bought several copies of the game so that we had charts to glue to the wall and make a handheld version. Compared to current pay rates, this edition will be a bargain. It took me 15 hours of work to buy just one copy of Tractics in 1971!

I will consider offering an edition with color interior pages. I may question its value, but that's for the consumer to weigh and decide.

The book's layout is 95% done with just a few bits that Mike is fleshing out, and the proofreaders are checking.

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Post Posted: Sun Jan 10, 2021 3:05 pm 

That's great to hear about Tractics. Wargames often don't get the love that D&D does.

Bill Owen wrote in Bill Owen Q&A:The shutdown of much of travel has decimated my travel business.

It's been my theory all along that your real motivation for slowly making your way down to Antarctica is that you're mounting an expedition to discover the pre-human civilizations that once flourished there. The travel business is just a cover-up to prevent unwanted attention from Cthulhu cultists, right?

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