Complete Newbie's Guide to the City-State and Wilderlands?
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Post Posted: Sun Oct 07, 2007 6:59 pm 

I, personally, like the Mayfair City-State and Briarwood Castle, the first for the little race books (I thought it was a nice touch to include underwater combat, for example, in the book on lizardmen) and the races are pretty fun, or were, whenI first got the box, and I dig the "magical recipes" in the Encounter book (if I recall right, that's where they are at.) The second one, just because its a castle... and I like castles. I can always use the layout and an idea or two from it. I wish there were more full-fledged castles for adventuring in, and under.... not just "random dungeons" (ironic considering my latest soon-to-be-published writing) that seem to be the norm.

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Post Posted: Sun Oct 07, 2007 11:55 pm 

I completely concur that the City State and Briarwood Castle modules can be useful.  In fact, somewhere in the history of the Wilderlands it was stated that Warwick was styled on the CSIO as it was founded by rebels from the CSIO.  As such, I use the Mayfair CSIO as Warwick and change around a few of the major NPCs to make it work.  I have not found a use for the other modules.  I'm not being critical.  I'm just pointing out they are a complete reimagining of the CSIO and the Wilderlands and are not canon.


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Post Posted: Mon Oct 08, 2007 1:20 am 

DestroyYouAlot wrote:Well, I took my first plunge into JG:  Went down to the FLGS and scored a damn-near perfect copy (bagged and everything) of "Prey of Darkness" (which looks like a REALLY fun module) for $8.  (Not a "rare," I know, but I was psyched.)  Also got the Mayfair "Raiders of Ironrock" and "Deception at Dasa" boxed sets for $3 each - I can confirm the "meh" quality that I keep hearing about, but they'll be good for an idea here and there.  Look nice on the shelf, anyway.  ;)

$3 each was about right for the Mayfair items.

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Post Posted: Mon Oct 08, 2007 1:28 pm 

leadjunkie wrote:A word of caution.  The Mayfair products have almost nothing to do (beyond sharing names) with the original Judges Guild material or the d20 Necromancer Games and Eostros/Goodman Games updates of the original JG material.

While I have shrink wrap copies of the MayFair material, it is merely for the collectors aspect and not suitable playability.

Noted.  The most use I'd get out of them would be to steal an idea here and there, but that's true of half the stuff on my shelf.  ;)

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