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Post Posted: Wed Sep 12, 2007 3:13 pm 

I'm going to have a letters page in Adventure Games Journal; obviously, for the first issue, I'm not going to have any letters. So for the first issue's letters page I want to solicit questions direct from the fans on the web. The letters are a mix of "Sage Advice" style material and regular magazine questions. These are the same kinds of questions I'll be answering in the letters pages on an ongoing basis:

Question Types:

1) Questions about AGP products, and the materials therein, especially previous issues;
2) Questions about classic Judges Guild products, and the materials therein;
3) Questions about the Wilderlands, either WoHF or WoHA;
4) Questions about Judges Guild history, authors, artists, etc.;
5) Questions about Castles & Crusades;
6) Questions about role-playing games in general, including history, products, and so forth.

Send your questions to: journal at adventuregamespubs [dot] com


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