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Post Posted: Tue Mar 13, 2007 7:58 pm 

During the time I was subscriber to the Journal, I received a Xmas Card from the Judges Guild staff (two years, two cards).  The cards were identical both years, with the exception being the signatures from the staff members.  I am working on trying to get pictures of these submitted to the site, as they are nice cards and are something I thought was very special and unique.  One of the cards had a handwritten note from Bob Bledsaw saying "(Send to JG for $20 of back issues)" underneath his name [he had signed the card upside down].  I never returned the card for those issues...wanted to keep the card instead.

The cards are printed on the familiar heavy brown stock paper, just like the JG maps were.  The cover art on the card front is a Jaquays work.  Underneath the art are the words "Seasons Greetings".  Inside the card are the words "Merry Christmas And a Happy New Year" and opposite the card fold are the words "From The Staff And Management of the Judges Guild".  The card back is blank.  The staff signatures are all originals handwritten signatures (in a variety of pen ink colors).

I don't remember if the cards came with the holiday issue of the journal each year, or were mailed separately.  Wish I had thought to keep those mailing wrappers...but who would have thought such things were worth hanging on to  8O   At least I still have the journals and installments, and the xmas cards.


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Post Posted: Tue Mar 13, 2007 9:24 pm 

Great bit of history there..and I'd have done the same thing, keep the card :)


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