Inferno 2005
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Post Posted: Wed Sep 02, 2009 1:43 am 

Additional PDFs, supplementary to the primary works, is something I would buy, but they generally would need to have a purpose in the event that the project were not completed. I wouldn't want to have $10 worth of tables that were of no use outside of a campaign setting that were never published.

Have you thought about small one shot single session adventure, maybe stuff that's not related? Anything sitting around that can be typeset and PDFed with relative ease?

As regards 'branded' good, original artwork, manuscript, authors proofs etc. These don't really interest me, but there should be plenty here who may be.

Great to here there is progress on this project. I'm up for the full range of PDFs when you publish.

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Post Posted: Mon Oct 19, 2009 5:54 pm 

Geoff...inferno was always one of my favorite things and i look forward to whatever you release...if its not d20/3E or 4E then thumbs up this side...i cant wait to get my hands on it and run the damn thing :)


Are we nearly there yet?



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Post Posted: Mon Jan 25, 2010 10:43 pm 

I was wondering how the Inferno project was progressing.  

Being a very oldschool gamer (original D&D boxed set in 1978), and having been introduced to the Inferno module in 1982 by one of the most talented DM's I have ever met, I am so glad I stumbled across this news.

Inferno was a touchstone adventure for our adventuring group at the time.  Each brought the mightiest characters that we had at our disposal, and we were shown the folley of our hubris.  No one survived, but it was the best 2 months of gaming that I can remember in my lifetime.

Helmets off to you Geoff Dale.  I will be buying this the minute it becomes available - I dont care what system - Ive played all but 4e (bleh) - so I can convert it myself if neccessary.

Let us know as soon as there is news!!!!

Eric Hendershott

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