First Print JG Tegel Manor $119?
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Post Posted: Fri Mar 11, 2005 1:31 pm 

afoolandhis$ wrote:I am the fool who parted with his money for Bella's delights...well, at least I parted with my money; we'll see what, if anything, arrives in the mail.

No fool.

Am almost 100% certain the package will arrive the post, unless the postal services screw up.

afoolandhis$ wrote:I may get the shaft, I realize, but I enjoy this sort of gamble.

No particular gamble, either, any more than what you actually paid for that "Warriors of Mars". ;)

afoolandhis$ wrote:Anyway, I would like to know if anyone has advice on how to go about having the authenticity of the PoVQ investigated once (or rather if) I receive it.

I can't remember who got that other third print <fantasymuseum?>, since I cancelled my snipe.

You are/were still welcome to send it here to see whether I could compare with the 1st/2nd print, despite the fiasco.

In fact, Bella is/was expecting you to do so! :roll:


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Post Posted: Fri Mar 11, 2005 8:12 pm 


mbassoc2003 wrote:Stormber must have his pick of the best stuff. Maybe Tim had 3 orange B3's and the worst of the bunch is up on eBay? The other two went privately for $500 a piece.

No. I am not picking anything out of the collection. That B3 is the only B3 in Tim's collection. One benefit to having a good collection is that you can afford to take on such great collections and pass them on to others without picking them over. Even the original OCE Tim had up on eBay, that I bid on and won, is back up for auction. Sort of a self test. :)

My original communication with Tim was, "Sorry, that OCE was my last treasure, I already threw out or sold it all." I persisted and said, "Just find any old thing and I'll sell it for you". The next email was, "Hey I found a bunch of TSR product I stashed before going to college, is a B3 worth anything?" Excited at the prospects of another great Collector's Trove Presents... auction, I persisted more and kept telling him this stuff would make a GREAT auction. Then the last email, "I found my first sold PH, R1, RPGA3 and 4, etc., etc.

I am very pleased to have "won" the chance to run this auction. After all Tim is a Power Seller on eBay and is savvy enough to sell this stuff on his own. I think I have an edge however, running such auctions, and, in the end, can just be more successful in doing it. I certainly have been blessed with the opportunity thanks to folks like, Allan Grohe, Gary Gygax, and Dave Sutherland's sister Trudy. All have pointed people my way or have given me a chance to serve in the role of auctioneer. Thanks!

harami2000 wrote:He has only found one yet, afaik.

However, he did just turn up that second T1st Greyhawk "out of the blue" :)

David, I still have the beat up one from the OCE auction that is missing pages, Tim autographed it "'Arrarat' Tim Jiardini" for me. I thought about putting it up but I was worried about competition with the other TRUE 1st Greyhawk that Tim found in the box with his comic collection.

My goal with these auctions is not to line my own collection. My goal is to get these ex-TSR guys a fair price on the market for their "retirement" boxes of "junk". I have heard way too many of these guys tell me, "Oh, I sold it all to some guy for $50". Sad that they'd get ripped off so bad.

Since I have most of the items, and that I am not too interested in "personal items" for my own collection, I seem to be in the perfect position to facilitate the auction of their collections to maximum success. I hope more of these guys contact me.

Futures Bright,


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Post Posted: Mon Mar 14, 2005 6:27 pm 

Of course, I have no way of knowing who did it, but someone emailed Bella regarding my previous post on this thread about contacting my credit card holders before placing my bid on her items.  

Understandably, she became concerned that I might try to claim reimbursement through my credit card and make off with both the goods and her money.  The problem with passing along second-hand information is that there is potential for misunderstanding.  I have absolutely no intentions to cheat anyone out of their money, but I thought it wise to be sure of my options if I were cheated on such a large purchase.  

For the record, Bella has been VERY courteous and professional via email.

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