Dungeoneer 17 Missing Half of Article...
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Post Posted: Sun Jun 07, 2020 11:49 am 

So I recently picked up a copy of Dungeoneer #17. I'm building a little 'random' collection of gaming materials from that era, with the hopes of running a little Holmes Basic D&D campaign in a style approximating how I remember things being back then. Having oddball sources to draw from was part of the experience...

However, I starting using the random dungeon generator in that issue and discovered it appears to be missing a significant portion of the article!

It references Charts up to 16, but only features Charts up to 9.

Anybody know if the rest of the article is out there and where it might be? Perhaps in a latter issue?

Of course, only having half a dungeon generator is totally 'era appropriate' I suppose...


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Post Posted: Mon Jun 08, 2020 8:41 pm 

No clue where the rest of the article is.  However, I am guessing you can find replacement charts with a Google search.  Here's a replacement Chart X for example:

Random Statue Generator. Roll once for each category.

Statue Base – 1d8
[1] Solid piece of marble, carved into a stepped pyramid. Get up close.
[2] Large platform made of rough stone. Kept out of reach
.[3] Filled with dirt; a carefully managed garden make the scenery of the sculpture.
[4] Unusually incorporated with nearby geographic features. Carved into a cliff face.
[5] Tiny pedestal, gold plaque dedication, precarious. Made for easy transport.
[6] No base. Stands on its own weight. Cleverly balanced.
[7] It's as a gargoyle, combined with the building itself. Can appear in unusual places.
[8] Suspended in the air, floating via a magic crystal array. Break one crystal and it falls.

Statue's Size – 1d6

[1] Very small statuette. Fits on the mantle. Concealed with little difficulty.
[2] Up to your waist. Good for a centerpiece to an altar or bathhouse.
[3] Life size. Everything is just to scale. Concealed with extreme difficulty.
[4] Large scale; Bigger then a horse.
[5] Big. Could fit in a city square as a monument.
[6] Gigantic. Has to have a huge chamber or entire plaza to accommodate it.

Landmark.Statue's Condition – 1d6
[1] Unnervingly whole. No scratches or cracks. Subject could be petrified from ages past.
[2] Looks like it was just made, subtle marks where the tools touched the stone.
[3] Few years of damage and erosion. Detail is still in tact. Discolored.
[4] Cracks and chips; minor details may have fallen away. Bird shit.
[5] Major part of the statue is gone; an arm or head has fallen off.
[6] The statue is in pieces. Disembodied face looks up at you.

Statue's Subject – 1d12
[1] Long forgotten ruler, crown and scepter. Face is not recognizable.
[2] A Goddess. The loose dress sculpted on her is an incredible feat of craftsmanship.
[3] A Fort with soldiers fighting an invading army. A wizard stands on top of the tower, staff raised.
[4] Incredibly detailed dragon. Every scale is carved. Breathtaking.
[5] It's a raised pillar detailed the history of something. The bigger it is, the more epic the saga.
[6] Sculpted spiky orb, held up by a curved bit. Metal worked into structure. Abstract.
[7] Female nude, performing some leisure task like writing or playing a board game. Gratuitous.
[8] Personified figure of a nation, concept, group of people, or guild. Carries appropriate tool, which can be slid out of its hands with a bit of grease- solid stone as everything else.
[9] Appears to be some sort of complex machine or siege weapon. A very smart person (Int 17+) can see that this statue is almost meant to be a blueprint, with individual parts sculpted in.
[10] Elderly master with sculpted long beard, meditating, while balancing on one foot. The statue itself is a marvel of balance as well, and looks like it could topple over.
[11] Heroic figure riding on a creature, sword held high. The creature isn't a horse, but it's being ridden like one with a saddle. There's a screaming enemy soldier in its mouth.
[12] Select a Common Animal. The statue is of a beautifully sculpted idealized man locked in mortal combat with 1d3 animals of that type, or just one if its of sufficient size.

Statue's Material – 1d12

[1] Some type of brass. The statue is hollow.
[2] Skeleton of iron underneath, plasters slopped on and shaped. It's a bit lumpy.
[3] The statue is made of dust and soot. It's a bit of an illusion, once broken off, pieces become ash.
[4] Sculpted from never melting ice.
[5] Magic Wax. Mostly immune to regular fire and heat, but magic fire will melt it easily.
[6] Coral.
[7] Black marble, carved from a single huge stone.
[8] White marble, carved from a single huge stone.
[9] Melted from iron. Each major part could be detached and transported for reassembly pretty easily.
[10] Made of solid gold. Jackpot.
[11] Standard light colored stone. It's also painted ; ridiculous colors for clothes, realistic colors for living creatures and humans. The paints are faded with the statue's condition.
[12] Porous gray stone. The hair or fur of the statue is made of moss; specific honeycomb structures are added to that part of the statue to help their growth. Health of the moss = statue's condition.

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Post Posted: Mon Jun 08, 2020 10:31 pm 

'Tis absolutely true.

...but would they have that special E. Al Hattlestad, Jr. touch...?  :wink:


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Post Posted: Tue Jul 28, 2020 2:04 am 

Pegasus #3 p 94: In the Crystal Ball (a teaser for Pegasus #4's contents) says:
Solo Matrix Revisited
At long last, the awaited charts and tables completing the fantastic solo adventure module by E. Al Hattlestad which originally appeared in Dungeoneer No. 17. For those who do not yet own that tome, perchance you should peruse the Booty list in this issue.

... but it wasn't in Pegasus #4, nor any subsequent one that I could find.

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Post Posted: Tue Jul 28, 2020 4:43 pm 

Wow. It existed, but somehow got left off the original article and then never got published/fixed. That's wacky.

Thanks for the research!

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