Booklet L (JG25)
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Hey All,
I was wondering if anyone has JG25 Booklet L in PDF format. I have a later addition of Tegal Manor which I believe has Booklet L incorporated into it, but I would really like the separate booklet as well. Can anyone help me out or give me some info on it?  Is it strictly Tegal Manor stuff in the booklet for example?
Thanks, Mike


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I have Booklet L in PDF, but only because I scanned mine, to reference the booklet without damaging it. There is not a commercially available PDF of Booklet L.

I also have the 4th print version (one of the 8.5 x 11 formatted booklets), and it includes everything from Booklet L.

Booklet L's contents are not entirely exclusive to the Tegel Manor adventure site. Some of the booklet's contents are generic enough to have been reprinted in Ready Ref Sheets: the Rudimentary Resurrection Results table and the Startling Statues table.

Guy Fullerton
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