Lead and Hounds, Circles 3 and 4
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Spellbook Games is very pleased to release the third title in the Gazetteer of Hell series, Lead and Hounds, which describes in detail the Third and Fourth Circles of Hell. The Third Circle is the snowy lair of Cerberus, Great Hound of Hell, and the Fourth Circle is a pit, home to Diabolic Earl Plutus. This gazetteer maps the two Circles at a scale of 2 miles per hex, six maps to the Circle, and lists more than 350 possible encounter areas.  Each encounter is described in a few lines, providing an idea kernel for Games Masters to develop; no single encounter area is sufficiently detailed to run as an adventure ‘as is.'  The listed locations include the palaces of Diabolic Earls, guard posts and towers, castles and fortresses, altars and temples, libraries, gaols, dungeons, mines, gardens, monuments, and more. Together the three gazetteers list more than one thousand possible interesting places for Adventurers to visit.  The gazetteer provides important information about each circle, including weather and other geographical details, random encounter tables, and information about NPC spells and prayers. Five example Adventurers are included, fully described with statistics, descriptions, capabilities, and equipment.

The Hell described in Lead and Hounds is identical to that in Spellbook Games' Inferno: Journey through Malebolge, at a more detailed scale.  Lead and Hounds is also compatible with Gazetteer of Hell: Blood and Mire.  Games Masters may find additional information useful to running adventures in Hell in one or more of Inferno: Bestiary, Inferno: Treasury, or Gehenna Primer.  Available in both PDF format and print-on-demand from DriveThruRPG.com.

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