'Inferno: Treasury' is now available !!
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Post Posted: Sun Sep 28, 2014 11:24 am 

‘Inferno: Treasury'

Spellbook Games is pleased to announce the release of ‘Inferno: Treasury,' a compendium of more than 200 of the unique enchanted items found in Hell.  Treasury is an essential companion to Inferno: Journey through Malebolge, the Gazetteers of Hell, and future Inferno products and supplements and greatly expands upon the enchanted items described in the Spellbook Games RPG rules, Portal to Adventure.

Treasury may also be of use to Games Masters who want to challenge their players with new, different, and unknown magic items.  Treasury features numerous good and evil artifacts (including the talismans of major Devils), as well as many cursed items or those having negative consequences for their wearer or wielder.

87 pages. Now available from DriveThruRPG.com in PDF format and as print-on-demand.

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