Spellbook Games releases Inferno:Bestiary and Town Generator
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Post Posted: Tue Sep 21, 2010 11:28 pm 

Spellbook Games is pleased to announce the release of two new titles of interest to Games Masters, Inferno: Bestiary and Town Generator

Inferno Bestiary is the third title in our Inferno line,  the essential reference source for all creatures dire and Diabolical.  It describes in detail eighty-five of the Devil types found in Inferno, several Demons, and more than one-hundred other nasty beasties.  Memorable pictures are provided for each Devil and a selection of other monsters.  Bestiary is immediately useful to any Games Master who uses Devils and infernal creatures in their campaigns, or who needs new, powerful, or mysterious foes with which to bedevil their Adventurers.  It will be even more useful to Games Masters using the Gehenna-Inferno setting because all of the creatures in Bestiary are encountered in the upcoming Inferno: Journey through Malebolge.  Bestiary is a 115-page compendium of monster mayhem.

Our Inferno line updates, expands, and completes the classic Judges Guildâ„¢ module, Inferno.  The next few months will see the release of Inferno Treasury and Inferno: Journey through Malebolge , followed by Inferno: Samael's Tower.  And we aren't stopping there.

Town Generator is a versatile system-less game-aid for Games Masters.  A Games Master can't always plan out every location in their campaigns, so when Players venture into uncharted territory, turn to Town Generator to fill in the gaps. Town Generator provides sixteen methods to generate descriptions of the essential Adventurer services found in any locale, from a tiny hamlet up through a larger urban setting.  This product is sure to cover everything an Adventurer might want.

As a bonus, Town Generator also provides a section on generating important locale information, such as the local form of governance, an area's loyalty, selecting among local specialties and products.  And more, there is an extra bonus section that provides help in generating names for towns and for city streets.  Town Generator is a 42-page system-less product usably by every Games Master. It can be a highly useful campaign design tool in addition to solving problems at the game table, sure to become a vital Game Master reference.

Inferno: Bestiary and Town Generator will be available on DriveThruRPG by Wednesday morning 0100 US Central time, and on www.spellbookgames.com,  our website, by early afternoon Wednesday.


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