Help Please? What are these items?
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Post Posted: Thu Jul 22, 2010 8:28 am 

mbassoc2003 wrote:That blank map, I don't even see any hexes on it. That's what's throwing me.

Nope, nothing, not a single hex or any other visible markings.

I obtained the Blank Map from the guy that is located near me who bought out the entire stock from one of the Judges Guild Warehouses about 15 year ago.
He still has a large collection of several JG items.
Though perhaps 65-70% of his remaining stock is the Traveller Space related Games that JG published.

The Blank map was included with other JG Wilderlands maps I bought from him a few months ago.
It was included with a stack of maps (About 6" thick) that I was purchasing from him and neither of us noticed it was blank at the time.

I only noticed this one when I got back home and started sorting through them all to sort them into seperate smaller stacks.

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