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Post Posted: Sun Dec 06, 2009 12:14 am 

Hello everyone!

I apologize humbly for my absence.   :oops:  Had some craptacular things happen that made it so I just couldn't do the internet thing for a time, and then when I could come back, I didn't want to return empty handed. So the last bit of the time away was self-induced so I'd compile more web pages of what you want to see.

I wanted to have something to add for when I returned... And I do! I have added some of the most demanded things and a few extras. (Sketchbook and pins, anyone?) There's still a bit more to do (magazines, for example) but I hope you enjoy what I've added.

Check out what's new at and have a look around.

If you find an error or have any suggestions, do feel free to PM or send me an email.

I hope everything is well with everyone here. It feels good to be stopping back in. :)

Waterdeep? Never heard of it.

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