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Post Posted: Sun Jul 01, 2007 4:12 am 

Wow. Thank you all for the kind words of praise and suggestion! *bows humbly* Glad that you like the site!

To address a few of the comments above: I decided against estimating prices for things other than the core books (for now at least) as, much like was stated above, the items are up so rarely and prices fluxuate hugely all the time. These are the things like minis, the pins, BW tcg stuff, etc.

And the miscellaneous section (with pins, sketchbook, etc) is the one I was having trouble with, which is why it's not up there yet. I hope to get around to adding one.

If you feel you've something to add or contribute, by all means PM or email me. I'm very open to and welcoming of suggestions or scans or whatever you might have to offer. Help with the magazine section would be wonderful.

Thanks again for the kind words! :)

(and sorry Al's hair got all gray from waiting)

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