Eel's Head Brewery: A Castles and Crusades Adventure
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Post Posted: Tue Jan 26, 2010 9:26 am 

This C&C adventure is being offered through a thread at the Troll Lord Games Forum.
The thread was posted by the author of the module:  Robert MacAnthony (Steerpike).

It is geared for 1st level C&C PCs, though the author does allow for options of upgrading the adventure into a larger campaign.
The adventure can be inserted into any fantasy world or setting, though it should be inserted as a seaside village or town.
Once you read it you will understand why it should be near the sea.
The PDF has 26 pages total, with two BLUE MAPS and the cover sheet.
Includes one new monster type and two new spells.

Robert is offering the module as a free download in E-Book, PDF format and it is posted at LULU.
Sometimes free things are not all that nice, but this one is.
Go to the C&C Forum (to the link below) and check it out for yourself.

You can open it up and read it right on the screen before you download.
Once you have read it you can then decide whether to save it to your computer or close the window.
I read it on-line before doing anything else, then I saved it to my computer and printed the adventure so I could read it again later.

The module is designed for using on the computer and includes internal links placed so that the CK can easily navigate from one place to another during game play.

For those who do not CK (GM/DM) using a computer, it may look like that stuff gets in the way, but you can get a more print friendly version without those links through his E-Mail... just ask.
His E-Mail address is located on the second page of the module/PDF.

Robert accepts donations but does not demand them.

You do not have to become a member of the TLG Forum to link to the download page at LULU.
Do not wait as it may not be available for very long.

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