Noble Knight Games to carry S&W Core
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December 22, 2009 -- Noble Knight Games and Black Blade Publishing are pleased to announce an agreement under which Noble Knight Games is to become a Medallion Retailer of the ENnie-award winning Swords & Wizardry game. As a Medallion Retailer, NKG customers will have access to the entire Swords & Wizardry product line including a number of S&W products not available in brick and mortar locations.

Swords & Wizardry is a "retro-clone" of the original 1974-1978 rules for the world's most popular fantasy roleplaying game.

"A lot of our customers have asked us if we plan on selling some of the new material being published for use with out-of-print rules," says Aaron Leeder, president of Noble Knight Games. "Swords & Wizardry is the powerhouse game for older editions, since it's compatible with Original Dungeons & Dragons, it's got an ENnie Award under its belt, and it's got a full product line of modules and other supplements. This agreement with Black Blade Publishing lets us provide our customers with a wide array of the newer materials. It's not only a great game, but it has the potential to expand the base of players who will be interested in our main product line of out-of-print gaming materials. Getting started with a copy of the Original D&D rules isn't cheap these days, but now you can start playing the game for less than $25. That's good for the hobby and good for our customers."

"Noble Knight Games is unquestionably the premier seller of out-of-print gaming materials," said Matt Finch, author of Swords & Wizardry. "It's an honor to be their chosen partner for an expansion into in-print retro-gaming. If you want to buy several out of print items, you can either spend a year combing ebay, or you can buy everything all at once from Noble Knight. That's where we want Swords & Wizardry to be available -- alongside the older material, not isolated as a separate phenomenon."

Founded in 2008 by Matthew J. Finch, Mythmere Games is best known for the Swords & Wizardry fantasy role-playing game, the award-winning retro-clone of the original 1974 edition of the world's most popular fantasy game, and for Knockspell Magazine, the voice of out-of-print and retro-clone gaming. For additional information, visit or

Formed in 2009 by Jon Hershberger and Allan Grohe, Black Blade Publishing publishes the Swords & Wizardry Core Rulebook under license from Mythmere Games. For additional information, visit

Noble Knight Games has been serving the games hobby industry for more than 12 years, serving game publishers and collectors alike with a special emphasis on out of print, older edition games. For additional information, visit

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