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Post Posted: Sat Sep 12, 2009 6:55 pm 

Plaag wrote: 3) While I'm all for Pathfinder/Paizo, I don't see them killing C&C.  Hell if anything it may help drive people away from 4e and back to anything 3.x related be it Pathfinder or C&C.

As I have pointed out elsewhere ad nauseum, Wizard's of the Coast hurt themselves badly even before the launch of 4th Edition by forgetting their core market.

The continued survival of Paizo, combined with the power launch of Pathfinder, shows just how much damage WOTC did to themselves.

They still have a lot of money.  WOTC could still fix things with their core market and make a comeback with Dungeons and Dragons.  My first suggestion would be trying to reach the old mailer list for DUNGEON and DRAGON magazines.

....and I'm starting to worry about Goodman Games.  :cry:

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