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Post Posted: Sat May 23, 2009 9:58 am 

Pardon me if this is not the appropriate place to post this!
I was reminded the other day of the INWO game (which was published in the '90s), so catalogued all the cards I have.

If anyone has any of the following, could you please post below what they actually do, as I've never seen them!
Convenience Stores (Special)
Strange Bedfellows (Special)
Drug Companies (Organization)
Flesh-Eating Bacteria (Disaster)
Go, Lemmings, Go! (Plot)
Illuminati University (Place)
The Irish Flu (Plot)
Militia (Organization)
No Beer! (Disaster)
NWO: Watermelons (NWO Blue)
Secret Master (Plot)
Sorry, Wrong Number (Plot, Zap)
Spy Satellite (Resource)
Strange Bedfellows (Special)
Supreme Court Nomination (Plot)
Vile Secretions (Plot, Paralysis)

Also, if anyone has (spare) copies of the above and are willing to swap cards- or just want to send me the above (:p) then please PM me.

More importantly, I bought the INWO: One With Everything set years ago, but it seems to be missing the World War 3 card. I haven't lost it, so does anyone have a spare or have other recommendations?

Thanks for reading this!

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