MichiCon and WinterCon tournaments
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Post Posted: Thu Apr 16, 2009 7:25 am 

stratochamp wrote:from the same Michicon 8 booklet under Role-Playing: Blackmoor Dungeon Dave Arneson, author of Blackmoor and co-author D&D will take a party of 12 into the infamous Blackmoor Dungeon. "HI-HO, HI-HO, into the dark pits we go, To fame, to death, to glory we go, HI-HO, HI-HO"- A runic message found under a table at the Comeback Inn in Blackmoor. Lasts $ hours. Sunday 10 AM-2 PM $1.00   There was a tournament dungeon for teams of 2 players with a 1hour limit (20 teams/hour 160 total players) and an extra added treat for those who can't get enough D&D (their words, not mine): A Druid & a ranger have been taken captive by their best friend who has been possessed by an evil wizard. Can they escape in time-and rescue their friend as well? You have 1 hour to escape the deadly dungeon of designers Al Pruehs and Ree Moorhead. Saturday 5-8 PM. There was also a CSIO 15 player/team event run by Judges Guild.

I played in the two player event. We got butchered ten minutes after sitting down - it was a blast. Did not play in the Blackmoor, though I do not remember why other than I might have been working (at the convention).

And I could've bought these damn modules off the 1$ rack!!!

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