How many collections of collections do you have?
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Poll: How many collections of collections do you have?

I have one collection. 7%       7%  [ 3 ]
I have two or three collections. 33%       33%  [ 14 ]
I have four to seven collections. 37%       37%  [ 16 ]
I have eight or more collections. 23%       23%  [ 10 ]
Total votes : 43


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Post Posted: Fri Jan 02, 2009 12:51 pm 

O.K. Badmike has inspired me to start a new topic because he obviously has at least a few collections.  Being a collector (aka packrat) myself, it might be interesting to see who has focus and who does not with all shades in-between.   :wink:

For the sake of this thread only, "Active Collections" have been altered (added to or enhanced) within the past year(365 days).  Also, for the sake of this thread, a collection is not just a bunch of similar items.  For example, I have a bunch of Yugioh cards and music CD's, but they are not considered by me to be collections because I don't have a display device (album, frame, book case, shadow box, etc...).  I should probably establish other parameters, but this is all I can think of for now.

Let's see, I have the following active collections;
1) AD&D literature
2) Fantasy lead/pewter minis
3) Comic books

I also have several inactive collections;
4) Stamps
5) Coins
6) Mage Knight minis
7) Olympic pins
8 ) Pokemon cards

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Post Posted: Fri Jan 02, 2009 1:11 pm 

1) TSR Dungeons and Dragons roleplaying books and box sets (includes other TSR products that are not necessarily D&D and those things which are not TSR but for D&D)

2) Non-TSR roleplaying books and box sets (various games)

3) Consoles and their games

4) Weaponry such as swords and axes

5) US-minted coins and dollars

6) Cult Classic and "art film" DVDs (multiple genres, though horror has the most)

7) California Raisins in various forms from little plastic figures to bedsheets and even a punching bag; this one is not current but I sometimes look since there are some neat items that I'm still missing like the LPs

8) Board games

[Edit to add]

9) "Mystic writings" like things by Madame Blavatsky; the type of stuff one would think to see as a reference in Authentic Thaumaturgy

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Post Posted: Fri Jan 02, 2009 1:29 pm 

Active Collecting:

1. RPGs

2. Comics

3. Music

4. Pulp Fiction (mostly paperbacks, a few pulps)

Inactive or half-assed:

1. Stamps

2. Coins

3. Miniatures (Lead)

4. Old Computer Games (must be complete, in the original box)

In the immortal words of my youngest brother, if I had directed my energy into just ONE collecting field, I would have been the Stratochamp of either Comics, Music, Pulp Fiction or RPGs (well, the runner-up to Stratochamp in the field of RPG collecting, there can Only Be One....)

I think a lot of us are like that...I've been to Kingofpain's house, he's got a LOT of stuff besides the RPGS....he also has a good pile of comics and video games.  I think it's a mentality we have, foremost of which is to NOT throw anything away, ever.  You do that, Boom, instant collection.  Hoarders eventually end up with a LOT of stuff, whether it be action figures, posters, or bottle caps, if you never get rid of any of it.

I've always loved music and pretty much saved every album, cassette and cd I've ever bought.  I worked at a music store for many years to I accumulated quite a few cds for free, which helped a lot.  I'm only now skimming through the collection to take a little off the top, so to speak.  Reluctantly I've been selling albums on ebay that I already have the cds for, hopefully creating a little room (I think last count I had about 500 records, way down from it's high in the years before cds).  

I have about 15,000 comics, but I don't do much with them anymore.  I'm slowly working my way through them to list and sell at conventions and ebay.

I am a mystery/pulp fiction junkie also.  I don't have the bucks to collect pulps (which I would truly, truly love to do, but a man can only have so many drains on his meager income), but I do collect pulp paperbacks...I have several hundred of these nicely stored in polybags in various containers.  My goal would be to someday display these, the covers are truly works of art (for comparison, check out the recent Hard Case Crime paperback series of hard boiled novels, they use many of the same old-school artists whose work adorned paperbacks in the 40's and 50s.)  however, sunlight would just hasten their decay. Unfortunately pulp paperbacks are very fragile and not well made, and just the act of reading one pretty much destroys it.  

I also have complete paperback sets of pulp legends like Tarzan, Doc Savage and The Avenger, and lots of Spider and Shadow novels, but since they are only reprints of pulps and more modern, they really don't count.

It's sick the amount of money I spent on my stamp collection in the 70s, I probably have a few valuable items in that mess, but going through it all would be daunting. I wish I would've spent all those allowances on comics or games instead....

Mike B.

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Post Posted: Fri Jan 02, 2009 1:58 pm 

Active Collection:

1) RPG's

Non-Active Collections:

2) Comic books (Silver Age)

3) Coins (I need to sell these...)

Eventually I'm going to sell the coins and comic books, although it's going to take some time since the comic books haven't been update since they were originally put on a Lotus spreadsheet.   :D


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Post Posted: Fri Jan 02, 2009 1:59 pm 

1. Comic books/graphic novels.  I have slowed down on comic book collecting over the past few years though.  Waning interest, high prices for new comics, and instability in back issue value are contributing factors.  Kind of hard to get out of it though since I have been collecting comics since I was ten years old.

2. Role-Playing Games.  Started with AD&D but branched out into all forms of D&D as well as Shadowrun, Traveller, Call of Cthulhu, Vampire: The Masquerade, MERP, and Twilight: 2000 just to name the core interests.

3. TSR Miniature rulebooks and games.  Not sure why I collect these other than they are intertwined with the love of other TSR games and they are just damn cool.

4. Video Games.  I have been a monster fan of all forms of video games since the Coleco Telstar and home version of Atari's Pong.  Currently I own several consoles from the Atari 2600 up through the Nintendo Gamecube.  My largest collection of console games is 60 for the Sega Genesis.  I also own over 300 computer games that I have collected since the late 80's.  Someday I hope to own my own personal arcade like this guy:

5. Fantasy/Sci-Fi novels.  I have been buying and reading fantasy and sci-fi novels since first reading The Hobbit around age 7 or 8.  I currently have around 700 of the things according to the breakdown of my library on  The rest of my library is modern horror and books on WWII and the Vietnam conflict.

6. CD's.  Although I rarely buy a compact disc anymore, I used to buy four or five a month back in the 90's.  I have around 500 at the moment.

7. DVD's.  I have between four and five hundred DVD's that I have been collecting since DVD's became affordable.  I don't plan on switching to Blu-Ray unless I absolutely have to.  :P

8. Hallmark Star Trek ornaments.  Yep....I'm a huge geek.

9. Star Wars collectible figures.  I still have all of my Star Wars figures from the late 70's early 80's and still buy the occasional figure today.

10. Wizard magazine.  I have every issue of Wizard magazine except for four issues.

Inactive collections:

1. Starting Lineup figures.  I dont know if they even make them anymore.  They were never that realistic to begin with.  The newer Todd McFarlane sports figures are much cooler looking.

2. Spawn toys.  I had almost every Spawn figure ever made up until 1999.  Just got tired of trying to get all of the variant chase figures.  Not to mention I just didnt have room for them.  Sold off most of them a couple of years ago.  Now all I have are the loose figures and a handful of the rarer ones.

3. Movie Posters.  Dabbled with collecting movie posters.  Stopped after a couple of years because I couldnt display them and it can be difficult to determine if they are reprints or not.  And I realized that the ones I wanted most of all were way out of my price range.

4. Magic: The Gathering cards.  Started playing and collecting MtG back during the Revised and Legends expansion.  Stopped around the time of the Mirage expansion.  Currently own several thousand cards that are just taking up space.

5. Boy Scout patches.  My dad got me started in this way back when I was in Boy Scouts.  I have a box full of Order of the Arrow and council patches from all over the U.S.  A few international patches as well.  Was extremely difficult to continue collecting after I got out of scouts since the main way to collect them was by trading with other scouts at camp.  Thought about getting back into it but the older patches can be extremely expensive and there are a lot of them.

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Post Posted: Fri Jan 02, 2009 2:06 pm 

I am pretty boring, just RPG's, some board games and comics.

Games can get you through times of no money but money can not get you through times of no games!!


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Post Posted: Fri Jan 02, 2009 2:36 pm 

I have a small core Basic/1E core D&D collection of stuff that isn't worth any real money, but is good to play. The rest of my 'collection' is sale stock that fits into three catagories: Stuff that hasn't yet been scanned; stuff that has been scanned but isn't yet on eBay; and stuff that's up on eBay for sale. So I'm predominantly an archivist and reseller.

I also have a small core collection of minis and products for the original 3025/3026 Battletech, something I haven't had the chance to play in 15 years, but which holds fond memories. Again, I have superfluous product which is available for sale if I can get around to getting it on eBay, but the Battletech market has no real value.

I would like to have a small collection of cash and investments in the bank, but unfortunately, I have a small collection of loan debts and credit cards, so I guess the former will have to wait untill the latter is gone.

And finally, I have a small collection of points on my driving license which is building nicely towards the magic number where I get to use taxis for a while.

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Post Posted: Fri Jan 02, 2009 3:30 pm 

These are my collecting habits

1. RPGs but several categories
a). Greyhawk - and anything Gygax
b). Dungeon Mag
c). Dragon Mag
d) Judges Guild
e) Thieves World
f) DCC

2. Board Games - Fantasy and Sci-Fi
a) Fantasy Flight
b) Avalon Hill
c) Classics like Black Tower
d) Heroquest

3. Wargames
a) Great Battles of History from GMT
b) WWII wargames
c) Roman era wargames
d) Panzer Grenadier
e) Advanced Tobruk
f) Lock N Load

4. Miniatures
a) Fantasy Minis
b) Mechwarrior

5, Books - These are the authors Im always picking up, either new books by them or books about them or in their settings or genres

Too many to list

6. DvDs - TV Shows mostly


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Post Posted: Fri Jan 02, 2009 5:30 pm 

Lets see...

1) Rpg's- I collect the whole range of them, with a dabling of foreign editions

2) RPG magazines/zines

3) Aussie made RPG's and conventions modules  (I really need to make this one more active than it has been lately)

4) RPG artwork (more specifically TSR covers)

5) DVD's- have a wall full...


6) Game books (pick-a-path, Fighting Fantasy, Lone wolf etc) I have spurts of this almost all my collection is in storage and its hard to remember what I have)

7) Sci-Fi/Fantasy novels- once again mostly in storage, will probably concentraye on getting the TSR novels that I haven't bothered to get in the last 10 odd years

8 ) TSR/AD&D comics-  Haven't bothered much with this but will get around to it one day..


9) Magic Cards- a bucket load of em, got to sell em..

10) Old video games/consols- Atari, Nintindo, mega drive etc.. once again in storage and need to be sold...


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Post Posted: Fri Jan 02, 2009 9:47 pm 



1) Ral Partha 11-Series AD&D Minis (go figure)

2) D&D/AD&D Rulebooks, modules, etc.

3) Collector quality swords/weaponry/armor, etc.

4) a Warhamer Dark Elf army (2700 points so far and growing)

5) Otherworld miniatures (yes, I collect Richard's line and love it!)

6) Vintage theatre posters (the stage, not film!)


1) Comic books

2) Magic: The Gathering

3) Colecovision games (one of the oldies but still the most fun!)

Wow...I am a big old kid. Never had to write this all down before...


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Post Posted: Fri Jan 02, 2009 10:08 pm 

Let's see:


1. RPGs (many genres)
2. Board Games (esp Avalon Hill)
3. SciFi and Fantasy novels
4. Music Cds


1. Stamps

Other collections have been given to my kids

That's all I can think of at the moment


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Post Posted: Fri Jan 02, 2009 10:09 pm 

1) RPG stuff - mods & minis
2) Rankin & Bass figures
3) Starting Lineups (Baseball) - no, they aren't being made anymore.  :wink:
4) Jim Holloway art



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Post Posted: Fri Jan 02, 2009 11:00 pm 

1) frp from 1974-2003 2) baseball/football cards (some b-ball & hockey) from 1947-1980: about 25,000 3)strat-o-matic baseball/football cards (starting from their inception in 1962 to now but missing most sets in the sixties) 4) books, lots of books that bracton has refused to ever help me move again. mostly esoteric history books (windmill pioneers in 12th  century England on anybody else's shelves here? ) but plenty of sports and fantasy in there too: total about 2000. Since many here are probably stargate fans i will mention that it is my wife's favorite show so i decided to propose to her at a stargate convention up on stage right after christopher judge handed me his microphone. mgm was there filming it and they put it on season eight, disc four under the extras titled a convention experience with christopher judge. it is near the end (about the 12 minute mark) and lasts about a minute. there were about 800 total strangers in the audience, which only added that much more anxiety to the proposal.....


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Post Posted: Fri Jan 02, 2009 11:04 pm 

oh and two other thoughts 1) thank you for the kudos badmike, you are very kind 2)blackmoor, what about all your mini's?


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Post Posted: Sat Jan 03, 2009 12:04 am 

stratochamp wrote:oh and two other thoughts 1) thank you for the kudos badmike, you are very kind 2)blackmoor, what about all your mini's?

Right minis too :)

Games can get you through times of no money but money can not get you through times of no games!!


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Post Posted: Sat Jan 03, 2009 12:05 am 

Blackmoor wrote:Right minis too :)

cant see the lead from the trees? ;) ;)


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Post Posted: Sat Jan 03, 2009 12:33 am 

I'm not really sure how to figure out how many collections I have.  I have such a short attention span, nothing has ever really amounted to a significant volume of items (other than the now-growing RPG collection).  But I suppose my list would probably have to include:


1.  RPGs, obviously.  I haven't done a full inventory, but probably between 400 and 500 items or so, including magazines.  Nearly all are FRP, mostly TSR, TSR-related, ICE, Harn, Midkemia and CoC.

2.  Also, anything Tim Kask puts up for auction at GenCon.  So far, meaning the Jaroo Ashstaff from T1, Billidum the Ogre and Finieous Fingers figurines (the only minis I own), and three "Fishing Has No Boundaries" hats signed by Tim himself.  (If you're wondering, it's a great charity which Tim has been involved with for years.  Ask him if you get a chance.)

3.  Books (maybe around 500?).  Mostly ancient and medieval history, fantasy and science fiction and cartography, but also some old and rare books.  My favorite is a first edition of Narrative of the Japan Expedition from 1856, signed by Commodore Perry.

4.  Scotch whisky.  Of course, this one is a relative stable collection, as I continually deplete it, dram by dram, as fast or faster than it grows.  If you have ever tasted Springbank Cambeltown, you know the taste of ambrosia.

Inactive (more or less)

5.  Weapons and armor.  Three folded steel katanas, a claymore, a reproduction of a Sutton Hoo helmet and a helmet worn by Gerard Butler in the movie Beowulf and Grendel.  (Actually, I bought that last one for my wife.  Don't ask.)

6.  Star Trek stuff.  I attended the auction that Paramount held at Christie's a few years back, and picked up three phaser rifles used in Deep Space Nine, the costume worn by Clive Revell as Sir Guy of Gisbourne in the Next Generation episode "Qpid", and a Klingon desk used in an episode of Enterprise.  (That last one is now my home office desk.)

OK, that reads even geekier than I had thought it would.   :roll:

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Post Posted: Sat Jan 03, 2009 3:18 am 


1. RPGs: This should be obvious since I'm here, but specifically Forgotten Realms & Warhammer Fantasy 2e. To a lesser extent DCC, D&D 1-4e, items I can pick up on the cheap (just got my TLG order in today!)

2. Miniatures: Reaper fantasy mostly, with a few others scattered in there.

I would consider this category things that I have collections of, but don't actively scour to increase collection size. For instance:

3. CDs: Mostly in the punk/metal category. Very influenced by recent Finnish folk/pagan metal.

4. Comics: I usually limit myself to graphic novels at this point, since I'm so bad at getting to the comic store, I end up with holes or extra copies in any runs I try to keep up in. Mouse Guard is a recent favourite.

5. Computer games: I will pick these up if I find them cheap at thrift stores or places like Half Price Books. Today I just re-acquired Starship Titanic from Value Village after years of regret from getting rid of it the first time. Ironically I sold my original copy for $3.00, and picked up this copy for $2.99!

6. Board Games: This category has really slowed down as I used to have 2+ game nights a week, and that's down to ~2-3 game nights a month.

7. Books: I do have quite a collection, but stick to my favourite authors and after I'm finished with the few I have left, I will probably start going to the library more, as we have no bookshelf space remaining.

Inactive or Lingering Childhood OCD

8. Coins: I will put special or silver coins into a jar when I get them in change. I don't think this really counts as a collection, but I am my father's son and carry some of his OCD.

9. Hockey Cards: I stopped during the glut of 1992 or so, and all my cards remain in a chest at my parents.

10. Stamps: I collected them as a child with my dad. I still cut out stamps from envelopes to send to him for Christmas every year. I don't do anything to actively increase my own collection (except I do have full sheets from recent USPS collections like DC & Marvel heroes and Star Wars).

I am trying really hard to have a 'one in - one out' policy. So far it's not working out all that well...

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