"Dungeon Drawings" from 1980s
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Post Posted: Thu Sep 06, 2007 9:10 am 

Apologies if this has been addressed before, but a search turned up nothing.

I was just reading some old Dragon magazines, including the first one I ever purchased, #49. On page 11 is an ad for something called "Dungeon Drawings." It looks like a 30-page, black and white, pen and ink booklet or packet of room drawings, much like the ones included with S1, S3, C1, etc., or with some Goodman Games products today.

The four rooms shown in the ad are simply drawn and evocative, and have nice little details that spur the imagination. One room has a door about half normal size. Another has a steel door with dents as if something was trying to beat through it from the other side. Another is a weird throne room with a big demonic relief behind and around the throne. They all have little "dungeon dressing" details like urns, chests, slime patches, and so on.

Unfortunately, there is no company name listed -- the drawings could be ordered directly by writing to "Dungeon Drawings" in Missouri. I've searched eBay and the usual suspects for this item, but with no luck.

Does anyone else remember this product? It seems like a neat, old-school resource, and I'm curious if anyone had it, used it, and if so, what they thought of it. I'm also trying to track down a copy if possible.



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I have tried to track down a number of items with ads in Dragon over the past few years and the success rate is pretty dismal.  A number of companies only listed a PO box and company name both of which are long gone so trying to track the author is near impossible.  I can vaguely remember trying to track down Dungeon Drawings last summer and couldn't really find anything either.

From talking with some authors that I did track down, most ads in Dragon or showing up at GenCon were money losing ventures.



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Post Posted: Thu Oct 04, 2007 10:33 am 

RPGnet has a small review on this but it's the only info I could find on it.  You can read it here:


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