RPG Item Picture of the Week (RIPOTW) 11/27
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Post Posted: Wed Nov 27, 2002 3:07 am 

Hi all, another week rolls by and I have picked my favorite rpg item of the week. This week it is:  Non Tsr item Little Soldier Games The Book of Sorcery  community.webshots.com/photo/55361511/5 ... 2360zgHfFx  Pretty revealing picture of a sorcerer don't ya think? Enjoy!


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Post Posted: Fri Nov 29, 2002 3:03 am 

Ed Konstant owned a store in Wheaton, Maryland called The Little Soldier Shop.  I learned to play D & D there circa 1975.  They put out a few pamphlets like this one.  The notorious Lou Zocchi bought out at least some of their stuff and re-printed it.  Every so often I get a whiff of pipe smoke like Ed's and it takes me back.  Three books in the woodgrain box, low impact plastic dice and mini-pigs on the tabletop.


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Post Posted: Sat Nov 30, 2002 5:26 pm 

Hello DDT  Please consider introducing yourself in the introduction post.   Thanks.  :D  Adam

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