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Post Posted: Thu Nov 09, 2006 10:11 am 

EDIT: DO!!! The item is their hardcover Beyond the Mountains of Madness

I just picked up my mail and the package from Chaosium arrived. They tossed in a small freebie item into the package, which I presume was a tangible way of saying that they were sorry that the shipping took so long.

This 437 page hardcover book upon initial examination appears to be similar to  their third edition rules hardcover with the same glossy surface.
The binding is glued rather than stitched so I don't know if long use will loosen the pages.

It is designed though that when you open the book up it will lay flat and open rather than try to close (they got that part right).

This is not a D20 conversion since the stats for NPC's are listed using the Chaosium BRP system.

The credits inside the book do not mention this as a reprint and display the year 1999. Even the stock number that appears on the cover is 2380 which is the same as the 1999 version. The only immediately visible indication that this is a 2006 version is the small logo on the back cover indicating that this is the Call of Cthulhu 25th Anniversay in 2006.


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