Most Underated Non Tsr Adventure Module
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Post Posted: Sat Jun 24, 2006 11:19 am 

The site in the Acaeum links section is better

I recommend   (SPOILERS)

#9 - Lichway  (in Best of 1)

A low level simple dungeon, but has some nice detail and that elusive old school feel

#18 - Hall of Tizun Thane (Best of 1)
Low level: Wizard Tizun Thane is missing... investigate his castle - deal with his pets, his unusual bodyguard, and his two scheming brothers.
Amber/Tegel-esque-yet-fairly-ecological fun.

#24 The Lair of Maldred the Mighty (Best of 2)
The wicked Maldred is returning as prophesised. Hack your way into his lost lair and kick his ass. Mid/high level epic dungeoneering.

#34 Troubles at Embertrees
Prequel/advert for Starstone
Low level: Well detailed, intrigue-filled, quasi-medieaval village faces multiple threats. And then bash a good dungeon.

#42-47: Irillian (Best of 3)
Fabulously detailed 'Starstone-esque' quasi-medieaval city described via an epic (but linear) quest. Mid level. The adventure is good: the city is impeccable.

#49-50 The key of Tirandor. A high level, high-magic epic adventure in a low-magic world. A good one-off adventure: but also a good source of set-pieces for a conventional campaign.

#74 Terror at Trollmarsh: low/mid level. Investigate murders in a castle.


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Now why would you say that?


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Post Posted: Sat Jul 08, 2006 12:51 pm 

Afrika Corps wrote:Im curious as to what everyones opinion is about the highest quality non tsr adventure they have personally read or play tested. This could be a combination of low print runs, obscurity, or whatever, But please Im mostly interested in the actually playability quality not just scarcity or auction prices.

The Borderlands campaign by Chaosium is a benchmark of high quality.  A complete campaign, just about perfect.

Of course it isn't for D&D ...

I'll have to think some more about D&D supplements.




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Post Posted: Sat Aug 26, 2006 2:24 am 

Thanks for everyones input and ideas.

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