Creeks and Crawdads Question
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Post Posted: Sat May 27, 2006 8:40 pm 

I picked up a copy of this from Titan Games this week and am wondering about the 'printing history' and such.

My copy came in a white paper envelope with a copy of the game book (22 pages total, signed and numbered 13 of 35), a copy of the expansion module, a bunch of character sheets, a "Help us playtest Creeks and Crawdads" flyer (printed from a dot matrix printer), and what appears to be a Xeroxed copy of the game's front cover signed by M. Martin Costa and Jim Van Over.  

I know Jim posts here - he posted on the other C&C thread from way back.

The RPG Encyclopedia lists C&C at 24 pages.  This would be a commercial copy of the game?  Any idea about the print run size and such?

I'm entering this into the "rarities" section of my collection and am trying to gather some info for cataloge purposes.



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Post Posted: Tue May 30, 2006 10:58 am 

Damn it, foiled again...when I tried to buy a copy off thier site some months ago, they were unable to find it and refunded me my money.  Aside from that I know very little about it, had it as a pdf years ago (along with Never Cry Crawdad).

Sounds like you might have gotten a promotional/limited/introductory copy.  Then again they may have only had the one print run, I cant find my copy of HW to verify at the moment though.


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