RPG Swapshop's BIG Summer Sale!
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Post Posted: Mon May 08, 2006 6:41 am 

As of midnight tonight, there will be the following on eBay with no reserves... Naturally shipping will be combined. The Link to the eBay auctions is the red 'RPG Swapshop' at the bottom of the message.

....Apothecary on the Street of Dreams by Bob Liddil
....Archaic Structures - Character Record Sheets
....Archaic Structures - D.M.'s Character Record Sheets
....Archaic Structures - Spell Book
....Archworld by Mike & Sheila Gilbery - FGU

....Blackmoor by Dave Arneson - 3rd Printing
....Brotherhood of The Bolt - The Companions Inc.  
....Capella's Asylum Special Edition - WyrmWorks  
....Castle Thrax - Spellbinders Games - Near Mint  
....Castle Zagyg Dark Chateau - Robert J. Kuntz's Original Sketches and Notes
....Dimension 6 - The Temple to Athena by Ken Ritchart
....Flying Buffalo Inc - Catacombs of The Bear Cult Level 1  
....Flying Buffalo Inc. - The Dungeon of The Bear - T&T
....GR-1 Scenario Set-Up - Adventure, Danger & Dragons  
....GR-2 Creature Encounters - Adventure, Danger & Dragons
....Judges Guild JG1040 Wondrous Weapons   
....Judges Guild JG1700 Pegasus Issue 14
....Knights of The Dinner Table KOTD Badge - Pretty Rare  
....Larry Leeds' Cambat Matrix Slide Rule - Fighting Wheel  
....Midkemia Press - Cities - 2nd Edition
....Places of Mystery I: Chilling Chambers - The Companions   
....Places of Mystery II: Alluring Alcoves - The Companions   
....Places of Mystery III: Sylvan Settings - The Companions   
....Places of Mystery IV: Highroad - The Companions   
....Programme - 10th Anniversary Atlanta Fantasy Fair 1984

....Ral Partha - Chaos Wars - Fantasy Skirmish Rules  
....The 3 Artifacts of The Demon Senders - Robert J. Kuntz Original Notes  
....The Age of Chivalry by Marshall Rose - ASP 1978  
....The Classic Castle - Hess Games
....The Iron Wind - First Printing - Iron Crown Enterprises

....The Manual of Aurania - OD&D 3rd Party Supplement
....The Palladium Book of Weapons & Castles - 1st Edition
....Timesaver Assortment - Adventure, Danger & Dragons  
....TSR 1998 Product Catalog
....TSR Inc. 1999 1st Quarter Catalog
....TSR Silver Anniversary Catalog - 1999 Q2 Q3
....Wargaming Magazine Issue 1 - Excellent Condition  
....Wargaming Magazine Issue 2 - Complete/Near Mint  
....Wargaming Magazine Issue 3 - Complete/Near Mint  
....Wargaming Magazine Issue 4 - Complete/Near Mint

....Wizard's Aide by Matthew Whalley - 1st Printing
....Islandia Campaign - Plague of Terror - The Companions Edit   
....Judges Guild JG600 Pegasus Issue 1   
....Notnaidag Robber Headquarters - John Scott Clegg  
....Overland Encounters by Clint Bigglestone

....Playing Board Products - Basic Character File - 1979
....Playing Board Products - Secondary Charater File - 1979  

....Sage Lore Productions 1993 Products Catalog - Mint
....The Tombs of Valla - John Scott Clegg - ProCon 1    
....The Trap Manual & Flyer - Varanae - Near Mint

....Treasure Trove I: Cards of Power - The Companions  
....Steve Marsh's Original Heroquest and other Fanzines - From the Steve Marsh Collection

I will only entertain private offers/Buy It Now's on an item up until the point at which a bid is placed. So if you are so inclined, drop me a line quickly.

If there's anything else anyone would like me to list, or any questions you'd like to ask, leave a message here or PM me, and I'll see what I can do.

This week I've been mostly eating . . . minestrone soup.

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