Grenadier minis -  need some help in evaluation
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Post Posted: Tue Feb 07, 2006 2:48 pm 

Hi Guys,

in my never ending quest for mint-in-blister miniatures to sell on ebay I recently re-discovered another source which has lots of Grenadier minis available.

Now i know which Partha minis are worth what, but concerning Grenadier I'm an absolute newbie. So I figured I'd post a list here and hear from you guys which ones are the ones that are worth putting on ebay.

Here's a link to the list of Grenadier minis (Some of the names are in german but you can probably figure it out by the numbers or else consult )

I've seen some auctions here and there

Many of the 98XX Chaos Dragon boxes went for 20+ GBP (over 60 GBP for the White!) and two of the 350X Giants (Sea and Two Headed) in the $ 60 range. Are the other ones from those series (96XX, 350X) also that much sought after? Are there any other hidden treasures in the list? I'd be grateful for some pointers.

Also if you want any of the minis on the list, feel free to mail me about them.

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