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Post Posted: Mon Jun 30, 2003 12:47 pm 

Does anybody collect (A)D&D PC Games???

I saw the old Spelljammer PC game being sold at ebay for around 20 $. This is pretty much for a 10 year old PC game which was created for use with a 386/486 PC ...

Does anybody know if there's a list about such games on the web? I admit I haven't been searching though ;-)


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Post Posted: Tue Jul 01, 2003 11:34 pm 

Not a listing per se...  I know you can get the dozen or so Forgotten Realms games for ultra-cheap on CD (or file sharing networks, haven't bothered to check).  I think you can also snag a few of the games at Home of the Underdogs (the-underdogs.org - webarchiv Resources and Information.), a site for abandon-ware games.  I know I downloaded the two Dark Sun games there a year or so ago.  P.S. :  have a good pop-up blocker if you visit the site...  they are great because you can download TONS of old games, but be prepared to have your screen raped by popups...

As with anything on eBay, I find if you are uber-patient, you can pick up alot for next to nothing.  As far as the D&D games go, check into lots of old games...  they usually go for zilch.  That Spelljammer game probably has a feeding frenzy between two bidders going on, plus I think I saw the description, and the guy made it sound ultra-rare or something.

Now, I HAVE seen some of the hint books for these games come up for some money, every once in a great while.

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