Looking for info on Wee Warriors Item
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Post Posted: Mon Jun 23, 2003 1:02 pm 

I know that many of you who frequent the boards  collect other than the AD&D  and D&D items.

I was curious if anyone could help me out on a question.

I have located a Misty Isles in Mint Condition it is from 1977 has maps and all in mint.

What I am curious of is in all my searching I can not find an estimated Value on these things to save my life.

I am seeking the information as I have a person whom has this item.  An insider tip I will let leak is that this and other Original 1st print items may be going up for Auction.

No they are not Mine I simply am trying to help him figure a rough value to help establish the process he wants to use in planning an auction.

For all of you out there who are Judges Guild Collectors though, I will state

this person has Original 1st Prints in Mint condition ( I have seen them and checked them)

City State of the Invincible Overlord

Wilderlands High Adventure

Tegel Manor ( yes the redish orange cover)

Tac Cards

Dungeoneer's #1-7

and a few other items

One thing being tossed around is to get a list of those interested in the items ( interested  meaning who have interest in them, not just too purchase) Then when the Auctions are posted  email all of the people on the list with the Acution Numbers so they can watch or bid as they would choose.

If you are someone interested, You can email me as I have the list in the works.

Please email me at  [email protected]

I know I need to change my Name here over to ogreden to stop confusion.  But confusion is FUN!!

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