Armory's 30 sided Gaming tables
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I just sold my armory 30 sided gaming tables (I hadn't looked at them it in years) when I opened it (to pack it up) I found it had lots of catalog listings for old miniatures with hand drawn pictures of what the miniatures looked like. I will list them here for archive purposes. The parts in brackets are my descriptions and not actual catalog names. I have not listed more common miniatures, although I may have missed some early Ral Partha Catalog names and numbers.

Broadsword Miniatures #BP-20 Hero with Defeated Warrior

Broadsword Miniatures #F-01 Treasures

Broadsword Miniatures #F-04 Wizard with Work Table

Broadsword #90A-1 Skulls

Castle Creations: (Lance on Boar)

Castle Creations: (Lance on Buffalo)

Castle Creations: (Lance on Lion)

Castle Creations: Lance on Hawker

Castle Creations: Hawkeye on Condor

Citadel #A-6 Hun (mounted with Bow)

Heritage USA #1214 Halflings

Heritage USA #1224 Owlbear

Heritage USA #1234 Treasures

Heritage USA #1239 Gnomes

Heritage USA #1460 High Elven Lords

Heritage USA #1461 High Elven Cavalry

Heritage USA #1462 Elven Heroic Infantry

Heritage USA #1465 Dwarf King

Heritage USA #1466 Dwarven Heroes

Heritage USA #1467 Dwarven Crossbowmen

Imrie/Risley C-69 Merlin the Magician

Imrie/Risley #C-73 Huntsman with Dog

Imrie/Risley #DA5204 (??Man with Battle axe)

Masterpiece Miniatures #216 Unicorn

Masterpiece Miniatures #300 Dungeon Décor Set

Masterpiece Miniatures #301 Dungeon Door

Masterpiece Miniatures #302 Swords and Daggers

Masterpiece Miniatures #303 Spears and Halberds

Masterpiece Miniatures #304 Bows and Crossbows

Masterpiece Miniatures #306 Maces and Morningstars

Masterpiece Miniatures #504B Mounted Knights-Great Helm

Martian Developments #1620 Bear

Precision Metal Craft #3694 Dancing Couples (5 models)

Precision Metal Craft #3706 Magician Alter and artifacts

Precision Metal Craft #4001 Fighting Barbarian Set

Precision Metal Craft #4408 Treasure and weapons

Precision Metal Craft #4403 King, Queen and Guards

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