Interest in Pagan original playtest manuscripts?
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Post Posted: Tue Jun 21, 2005 9:42 pm 

I'm considering unloading some goodies to clear out space prior to an upcoming move. Some of those include my original playtest manuscripts, notes, and such from when I did creative consulting and playtesting for Pagan Publishing. I got a Special Thanks in the Delta Green main rulebook for my creative consulting, and was later credited as development consultant or playtester in Golden Dawn, Realm of Shadows, Mortal Coils, and in various TUO issues as both a playtester and reviewer.

  • Realm of Shadows is the 171 page draft manuscript with my notes written in pen throughout; the pages are clean, and it's been stored in a manilla folder for the past decade. The page count does not include a print out of John Tynes' original two page email to me, along with notes in that email from John Crowe, outlining the scope of what they were looking for, input-wise. There is also a two page email from John summarizing my comments about the manuscript (we spoke over the phone, and I went through the manuscript page by page with him).
  • the Delta Green manuscript isn't numbered, but looks to be about the same size as the Realm of Shadows ms; I apparently made no notes in the ms itself, and instead my summary comments are present as one sheet of lined white paper with notes that also has a pink lined sticky note on it also with notes [there are also notes under the sticky note on the white lined paper])
  • A Walker in the Wastes cover folder (I got an extra printed at some convention or perhaps in the mail from Pagan, at some point) contains various things:
    • my notes for various TUO product reviews written between 1993 and 1998, including The London Guidebook, Deadlands, The End, Metropolis Sourcebook for Kult, Rapture,
    • my notes for the Shadis review of Coming Full Circle
    • original playtest manuscript and notes for The Legacy: 30 pages of ms with a few minor corrections by me or originally by Pagan folks, 1 page map, 2 pages playtest notes.
    • a second copy of the The Legacy ms. This copy was not as good as the previous one, and was hard to read, which is why the previous copy was sent as a follow-up. This copy is stapled, and I made various attempts in the first 10 pages to fill in the missing text, but eventually bailed and asked Pagan to send me another photocopy.
    • one page typed letter from John Crowe re: subscription management correspondence
    • 10 pages of Astral Plane rules from Golden Dawn, with playtest notes throughout
    • a one page handwritten letter from John Crowe detailing payment and contributor copies for TUO 12 (
    • a one page typed acceptance letter from John Crowe for my review of Fallen Angels
    • The Outsider Catalog volume 1 (Summer 1994)
    • a one page typed letter addressed to all TUO reader, from John Tynes re: Pagan relocation to Seattle
    • The God of the Mountain playtest manuscript 16 page ms with minimal annotations, 2 copies of the map of Tahan (1 labelled PC Map by me), 1 page of notes
    • Roadkill playtest manuscript 8 pages of adventure ms, 2 pages of maps, 1 sheet with 2 player handouts (cleanly cut apart), 2 pages of 3 sidebars (1 full page, two that together form a second full page but are cleanly cut apart), 1 page of my notes
    • one page letter from Christian Klepac re: details about playtest for Roadkill and God of the Mountain
  • I also have several email archives that contain extensive playtest reports that I could print. At a guess, these would total at least another 20 printed pages of commentary and playtest summary reports to/from us and Pagan, as well as correspondance about the DG and RoS maunscripts.

Anyway, I'm thinking about unloading those manuscripts and notes. I'm considering eBay, as well as trades for early OD&D TSR stuff and/or early RuneQuest items (Big Rubble, Pavis, Borderlands, etc.). Do you think there would be much interest in these, and if so, what are your thoughts on a reasonable price to expect from such?

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Post Posted: Thu Jun 23, 2005 9:48 am 

I´d be interested in trade or sale. They sound like the sort of thing that would fit with my collecting scope.

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