The Lost Dungeons of Tonisborg Art and Maps
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I was tempted to put this in the Tonisborg book discussion, yet, these are the limited edition as well as one of kind items in the KickStarter.


The process of recreating modern play maps for Tonisborg was confusing. We asked David Megarry, as he was the last person to have used the dungeon maps, to help us by creating a set of hand drawn maps in pencil. Although these are not old maps, they are redrawn maps by a significant game author.

I call these the Megarry interstitial maps. They are tools for the creation of the actual production maps thus they do not appear in print.

I'll be honest, I have places on the maps as published that I do not agree with everyone on their interpretation and I hand corrected the keys in my own personal copy. The maps are that complex when it comes to stairways and pit shafts between levels.

Additionally, our cartographer Toby Lancaster made the production maps which are published in the TLDOT with overlays of text and some corrections that still needed to be made. Those are being sold in an auction as well.

Toby is also selling 10 copies of level 10 as standard page size art prints that are numbered.


Some of the artists who worked on the project are selling both original art as well as prints.

The original art varies in size and can be purchased via the art auction page.

The prints have to be handled differently. This is due to the limitations of the Kickstarter interface. Thus we are put all the prints of the art work on backer kit.


All auction items are live now here: ... rt-auction

We have an Art and Maps only pledge level. This is for those who do not want a book and only want to purchase artwork.

In order to access the print reproductions you must make a pledge as this will then put you into the list of people who will be able to access Back Kit once the Kickstarter project concludes.

You can make your pledge here: ... -tonisborg

>>>All of the funds for Art and Maps sold via the Kickstarter go directly to the artists. We do not profit from their product sales<<<

Thanks, Chris and Griff

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