DCC RPG - Thoughts?
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Post Posted: Sun Jan 30, 2022 1:12 pm 

Whats the general sentiment here towards DCC?

I've been playing 5e a lot recently and been getting slightly bored of it, so I bought a few DCC/MCC books and I'm liking what I see from both an art/book perspective and a gameplay one as well. I think Goodman Games and DCC are looking more and more like the natural heir to the best aspects of 70's & 80s era TSR as time goes on.

Gameplay-wise, I have barely scratched the surface but I find the dice chain mechanic is a lot more visceral than 5e's advantage/disadvantage, and the idea of Luck and spending Luck points is cool. The gonzo style writing is chaotic to me, but in a very unrestrained, fun way.

From a collecting perspective, I would suspect their books/dice/what-have-you will gain in value as time goes on. Many of their limited edition foil cover books are already starting to rise in value, and early DCC box sets are going for around $250-$300 on eBay. There seem to be a lot of editions of the core rules, many of them are classified as "limited", so I'm not sure just how limited "limited" is.  I'm not sure I can easily lump DCC in with the "OSR" movement either, their stuff seems a lot more well-polished than most OSR products I've seen.

What do you guys think?


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Post Posted: Sun Jan 30, 2022 6:36 pm 

Speaking as a collector it is kind of obnoxious when they print 12 differently covered copies of the same product so as to make "print-run junkies" buy the same item 12 times. I enjoyed the game the few times I played but I didn't feel there was anything exceptional about it.

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