Hackmaster ToEE Trivia
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Post Posted: Sun Sep 02, 2018 1:37 pm 

Hello All,

I just wanted to share some interesting trivia. In looking at a copy of ToEE that I had acquired a while back, I scrutinized the cover art more closely and noticed the demon figure above the door has his middle fingers extended ... subtle and something the players could take as a warning or might egg them on.

In addition, I saw that there were 3 faces to the left and right of the figure above the door and all of the faces appeared different. I thought it was odd that an artist (Mark Kidwell in this instance) would do so, unless there was intent. I reached out to Kenzer & Co. in the hopes of finding out if it was just my overactive imagination or some hidden meaning. Here is the response I received from Steve Johansson:

"The faces left to right are: Dave Kenzer, Mark Plemmons, Bob Burke, Jolly Blackburn, me (i.e. Steve Johansson), and Brian Jelke."

I thought it would be fun to know, if you did not already know this little bit of trivia ;-)

Thank you - Paul

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