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Fantastic Exciting Imaginative is a new zine of content for Holmes Basic or any old-D&D, compiled by Jon Wilson (aka bygrinstow) of the Appendix M blog. All material is inspired by the artwork in the Holmes Basic rulebook. There are ten contributors drawn from the G+ community (see the link below for a full list and links to their blogs). I myself contributed about one page of material (two entries, one long, one short). Jon is the primary artist, but there is also one piece each by Denis McCarthy and Chris Holmes (!). The zine is available as a free pdf download from Drivethrurpg.

Read more and find the download link here:
ZENOPUS ARCHIVES: Fantastic Exciting Imaginative zine

Zenopus Archives website & blog: Exploring the Underworld of Holmes Basic D&D. Holmes Ref: Reference Sheets for Holmes Basic Referees, also compatible with OD&D plus the Greyhawk supplement

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