Cheesgrinder-RPG Survival WINNERS!
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Post Posted: Sat Feb 27, 2016 10:21 pm 

Hey Gamers! I wanted to give you an update on our Pensacola Roleplayer's Association, and Bobe's Hobby House sponsoring the Cheesgrinder-RPG Survival tournament at Pensacon-Comic and Sci-Fi Convention in Pensacola, FL. It was the first year for The Cheesgrinder in our area, and it was a great success, because there were;

Unique contestants: 47

Total entries: 98
Average time at the table: 1 hour 10 minutes.

The tournament ran a total of 114 hours!  

We had gamers till 4am on Friday Night, but only 2am on Saturday night.

King of Cheese: Zach Platt (11 years old) -  lizard man minis, Hero Lab's license, D20 Pro License, star wars toy (bought by Tisha and Jen staff members).

Other finalists;

Brian Fisackerly (2nd place) - Dice Roller, Hero Labs license
Shawn Platt (3rd place) - Dwarven Forge painted room set, Hero lab's License
Robert Steinhauer (4th place) - Hrothgard's magnetic dice case, hero Lab's License
Monkplayer (5th place)  - Hrothgar'd Miniatures Carrying Case, Hero lab,
Krystian Doss(6th Place) - Griffin Tamer Giant Door Entrance, Hero lab  (no photo because he had to leave)

Thank's go to the other sponsor's D20 Pro, Hero Labs, Dwarven Forge, Griffin Tamer Studios, and Hrothgard's Horde for providing prizes for all 6 finalists.

Hero Lab - Lone Wolf Development

Miniature terrain games tiles  -- unpainted or beautifully hand-painted


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