The Cheesgrinder-RPG Survival Tournament Comith to Your Area
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Post Posted: Wed Nov 04, 2015 6:45 pm 

Gamers I've played in this contest 5 times, and no gaming experience has even come remotely close to the intensity and enjoyment! It's truly an amazingly epic level experience!

PENSACON presents Cheesegrinder-RPG Survival Tournament! Sponsored by Bobe's Hobby House!

PENSACON is pleased to welcome The Cheese Grinder RPG Survival Tournament!

The Cheesegrinder has been one of the featured gaming events at DragonCon for the past 12 years, in which over 350 players compete over 48 hours.

The Cheesegrinder now comes to Pensacon 2016 with the same intense, exciting, action packed gaming event. To introduce this unique event to the area, we will be holding a free The Cheese Grinder RPG Survival Tournament! Preview Event on Saturday, November 14 from 10:00am-10:00pm at Bobe's Hobby House!

Bring your most powerful, most "Cheesed out" 11th level Pathfinder table-top role-playing character (PC), and if your character survives the longest, then you win the tournament! Several different type of "Cheese Points" will also be available to purchase for $1 each. These points can be used for a variety of effects during the game. One of which will allow your PC to change places instantly with another PC at any time.

"The founder of Pensacola Roleplaying Association states, "In my 15 years of gaming, there has been no game session that even comes close to the immense excitement, enjoyment, or intensity of The Cheesegrinder. What you experience at this tournament are encounters you would never see in a normal game session which makes it all the more surprising and fun. It's a must attend event."

Your character will face riddles, traps, monsters, and maybe even other PCs in deadly combat, so is your character (PC) tough enough to last longer than the other contestants? When a player's PC dies then another gamer takes that seat in the tournament. You can even re-enter the tournament with your same PC, once you've waited for another gamers character to die.

Pre-made characters will be available for free.

Some current prizes are but more are coming: Medals for 1st through 3rd place d20Pro, Virtual Table Top Software for 1st - 3rd place (d20Pro Virtual Tabletop. Play Faster. Play Better. Play Anywhere. d20Pro.) random door prizes 1st prize winner also gets; Crystal Caste Dwarven Stone Tiger Eye full size dice set, and the Hrothgar's Hoard Dice Case with exclusive custom lining. $130 prize 2nd place winner also gets medal and software: a Pathfinder Core Rule Book autographed by Lisa Steven Paizo CEO, Erik Mona Publisher, Jason Bulhman Lead Designer, and Sean. K. Reynolds former game designer. More prizes to be added soon!

For all the details on character building go to: The Cheese Grinder For questions on specifics of the event, contact [email protected] For driving directions to Bobe's Hobby House go to
The tournament is in Pensacola, FL (45 minutes from Mobile, AL, 4 hours from Birmingham, 3 hours from New Orleans, 7 hours from Orlando).

"Here dragon dragon!"

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