Trouble with ebay searching
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Post Posted: Tue Jun 02, 2015 10:10 am 

Not sure if it is just ebay doing some kind of update or maintenance but haven't been able to search in the boardgame sub-listings as it comes up as contemporary merchandise rather than wargames and either shows 0 listings or about 2k random listings from boardgames in general.

In any case ebays search function removed the ability to name searches awhile ago and they seem to have dropped the feature that showed you if there had been 0 returns on your search. Has anyone else run into these problems or found a way around them?

NOTE: Ebay has merged huge number of categories into single monstrous categories. Gone are wargames, space, Horror, Fantasy, etc... and now it is just one huge clusterfudge of Contemporary (about 120K items and Vintage).

I can only think that this is to help the big name sellers who post hundreds or thousands of items (NK, Arthur... ) and bury the hobbiest and small-time sellers. It is going to be a bitch and a half to navigate through this mess. All my old searches through these categories are now defunct and ebay removed the ability to name your searches last year. What a mess.

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