Last Call Oliviah & Midnight Oliviah OSRIC / 1E modules
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Post Posted: Mon May 25, 2015 3:08 am 

Last Call Oliviah - Will be a 1E / OSRIC full size adventure module created in an 'Old school' style. The adventure itself is an add-on / spin off to the popular 'Midnight Oliviah' Mini mod adventure.
In order to keep the quest in context, Last Call Oliviah will contain a re-edited and updated version of Midnight Oliviah with some new content sprinkled in.

After Midnight Oliviah, Last Call Oliviah will be bound in the same adventure module for your party to enjoy. The quest centers around the late night mouse hunter and tavern cat, Doris Mae. That's TWO adventures in ONE!

Bringing the cat in after last call gets the party into more trouble than it should!

This quest is the introduction to the "Lands of Lunacy" series. that will follow.
This is the opportunity to get Last call Oliviah and the updated Midnight Oliviah at one price of just $15 (By backing the project)

I started the project with a modest goal of $700. This would get the adventure out the door and bring in some studio equipment to get my daughter and I working together to bring more great adventures and supplements in the future. A real Father / Daughter team working in OSR projects!
We blasted through that goal in just 8 hours!
We just hopped over the $1100 stretch goal!
This adds a color map booklet to all levels receiving products in the mail for FREE!
A handy booklet of maps to drop in your world, just waiting for beasties and challenges!
The next upgrade is at $1500 which will be the Quality upgrade.
At this level we get the modules Perfect Bound! This willallow us to extend the quest a bit, and get a real pro finish on things. a Step above simple saddle stitching.

Get in on this now - The basic Module level is just $15 ... yd-metcalf

Who I am:
Lloyd Metcalf. I have illustrated for Luke Gygax, Lesser Gnome, James Ward, Chris Clark, Pacesetter Games and many others.
I am an artist attending Gary Con, Gamehole Con, and on staff for NTRPGcon.
I have turned out 3 successful Kickstarters in the past and delivered ALL on time, ONE EARLY!

I am invested in the small family of OSR gamers and have no intention of letting anyone down. If you look at past projects I have had very open lines of communication on all my projects, facebook, and other channels.
I know some folks are getting burnt on Kickstarters, I take the support I have found there extremely seriously.

This project is not only creating a great adventure, and introducing the Lands of Lunacy, but launching a family team. Along the way, I think there are some solid collectible items to be had in this project. My own career is beginning to gain ground, and my daughter's is just taking off.

I would appreciate any support, link shares, help or just simple cheering I can find.
Click the link to help out ... yd-metcalf

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Post Posted: Wed Jun 10, 2015 8:25 am 


With 12 hours left, I remembered to back your KS project!  Almost missed it.  Oi.

It was a pleasure to meet you in NTX.  Looking forward to working with you in the future.



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