Cities of Darkscorch
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A unpublished fantasy game from the 1970s has been brought to light, along with a compilation album of music from the era:

Numero Group introduces Cities of Darkscorch, their first-ever board game | Bleader | Chicago Reader
"Much of Cities is gleaned from an elaborate homemade board game that Shipley discovered his stepfather Robert Soden had created in his basement in the 70s. Many of the maps, symbols, and rules are borrowed from that project, but instead of navigating a fantasy underworld of sorcerers, spells, and dragons, in this game you're a rough-and-tumble rock band. As Stonehenge, Stone Axe, Stoned Mace, or any of the other 13 bands from the compilation, you navigate a mystical world and battle to land a record contract "penned in brimstone, VD, and pot smoke." Power-ups include a cheap mechanic to fix your beat-up van, a round of antibiotics to cure a bout of syphilis the band got from sharing groupies, and enough cocaine to bribe a club owner into hosting you despite your being blacklisted. All the cards are adorned with very funny—and often vulgar—illustrations by John McGavock McConnell and Eliza Childress, my favorite of which is a crude drawing of Ace Frehley with his dick lopped off."

Where to buy it:
Numero Group

A review of the music: ... canticles/

The best track on the album:
Warfaring Strangers : Darkscorch Canticles - YouTube

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