FGG State of the Onion, 2014
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Post Posted: Sat Mar 01, 2014 2:40 pm 


I am starting to drag my head up from Sword of Air--about 2/3 written now and huge chunks are off to editing, cartography and art. I am on track for a late summer delivery. The cool thing is that over half the magic items in this book are new creations. For those of you getting nuclear editions--I have hired the blacksmith (not kidding) and the woodworker (also not kidding). I need orders for non-kickstarter folks no later than May 1. I am not making extras.. Brette--I already have you covered.

Bill Webb's Book of Dirty Tricks is written, and will go to layout as soon as art is done. This book will release at the same time as Sword of Air, with pdfs available as soon as it is done. This book is being done as a parchment cover chapbook, old-style, just like the original rules.

We have not been idle--just quiet while we sorted out the next couple years of books.

I am pleased to announce several new releases coming soon, and our summer/fall 2014 schedule will be busy--so save those nickels and dimes!

Starting in May, we will begin releasing short pdf adventures/[player aides/single encounters and other bits of stuff at a very low price point--our goal is once a week. These will be pdf only (for now), and may have a hardcover compilation somewhere down the road. John Ling is leading this effort.

Rappan Athuk and Cyclopean Deeps I subscriptions are done! They are being final edited, errata corrected, and will be heading to the printer in early May. Look for delivery of the real books in July. These books will go on sale (for non-subscribers) about a month after we mail them. CD Year II is still being written, but should be done much quicker than I was.

We know its been a rough ride on these, so I wrote one extra chapter in RA (7 instead of 6 chapters) for the patient wait. Note to self--never do a subscription again when you overhaul your fulfillment and IT systems.

Our series of geography-based books--similar to Dead Man's Chest (oceans) is in production. The rework of Glades of Death is ready for layout (as a pdf), and the Desert Book (Dunes of Desolation) is done, art done and in final proofing. The plains book (never go in the tall grass--name tbd) is almost written, and the final couple sections are coming in over the next month or so.

These books are scribed by our very own Tom Knauss--and, are composed of geographic type crunch, along with several short adventures to go with each geography. The desert book will release in June or July, and plains will release in September or October. Mountains, Hills, Swamps and Badlands will follow. These books will be Pathfinder only, and will be approximately 200 page hardcovers retailing at $34.99 or so. Since Glades and DMC were already released years ago, I may offer them as POD at DTRPG, but we do not plan to reprint them.

One note here, it does not make a lot of sense to make (crunch) rule books for S&W--its just too rules light. Good fluff and 3-4 adventures are in each book--so there is plenty there for our SW crowd, but these really are rules books, so we decided not to make an OSR version (sort of contradicts the OSR culture to do do).

Next up is the 5th installment of The Lost Lands: The Lost City of Barakus. This Gold-Ennie Best Adventure award winner is being revised and expanded, errata cleaned up, and will sport a new cover. The next of The Lost Lands canon (e.g. my home world) will start as a kickstarter in April 2014. We have already edited the main book into both Pathfinder and S&W, and will know what else we need to add based on the success of the Kickstarter. The book will be offered in both versions, as well as limited edition collectors leather copies. The bonus goals will mostly be in added material--as the kickstarter gets bigger, the book gets bigger.

The basic book buy on this kickstarter will be $40. This adventure and setting book is one of the best campaign starter APs ever done. Expansion of the wilderness and dungeon will set its levels at 1-8 or so. It makes a perfect start to any campaign (or a reset), and ties in to Stoneheart Valley, Rappan Athuk, the Sword of Air and even Razor Coast--not to mention other major FGG releases coming over the next few years.

We will be running a couple of huge GM Day sales--here at Paizo, on our site and at John Reyst's site. Keep an eye out for them!

Much more coming in 2015--rulebooks, adventures, and more monsters!

Bill Webb
1 March 2014


Prolific Collector

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Post Posted: Sat Mar 01, 2014 2:43 pm 


- Leather spine riveted to16 gauge (3mm) steel covers, stamped w/custom image, blackened, w/ patinated finish

- Solid copper rivets

- Canson Ingres double-leaved endpapers sewn in to textblock

- Spines lined with airplane linen to attach cases

- All materials are archival quality


- Solid cherry hardwood with oil finish

- Lids rabbited

- Hinges and clasps

- Lined with bookbinder's 100% wool felt

- Ribbon/leather tab to lift book out

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