Doc's Games: POW Cards
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Post Posted: Thu Feb 06, 2014 9:28 pm 

Doc's Games aka Uncle Morty Productions produced Dinky Dungeons and a bunch of supplements and related games (and a few non-RPG games).

In their catalogs they listed two sets of "POW Cards" but don't give a lot of details. Specifically, for set #1 they just say

The role playing aid no one's talking about

and for set #2

"Quoteable quotes" such as "YIPE", "OOF", and "HEY YOU".

So, I have acquired what looks to be both sets of these. They are little cards half of which have old comic-book-style sound effects and half of which have word balloons (including "YIPE" and so forth).

What I do NOT have are rules for them. So - anyone else have any of these with rules or some kind of indication of how they're supposed to be used in a game? I am curious.

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