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Post Posted: Mon Dec 02, 2013 5:35 pm 

Wow what a huge response! The FGG Grab Bags have been available for five days and we've sold hundreds! We fueled up on turkey and gravy, then spent the weekend packing up hundreds of awesome titles and some seriously rare books, but there are still a few left. We have emptied most of the storage boxes we had our sights set on and freed up a lot of space but we'll need more space than that for our upcoming projects.

We are almost sold out! I guess that's pretty cool when you get individual books for about $5-$15 each. Bill also found an extra case of Barakus (so there are 20 in the boxes, not 4) and 3 cases of Mother of All Treasure Tables (so there are 30 of those!).We also found and added 12 additional copies of Caverns of Thracia, so the boxes have even more value than we anticipated. Everything except the final 3 boxes are packed and shipping or ready to ship.

With that in mind, Bill has put this challenge out to all the FGG fans; if we can sell out of ALL of the Large Grab Bags (25 remaining) and another 50 Medium Grab Bags, he will throw ultra rare and collectible items from his personal collection into 3 random grab bags. These are unused items that he has had locked away in his treasure chest for years. Once he remembers how to undo the spell of binding, he will shed a tear and pluck 3 of his favorite items and give them to 3 very lucky gamers. Anyone who has seen his collection will know what gems await them.

Make sure that you select the Medium or Large Flat Rate shipping option during checkout depending on the size of the grab bag you purchase. We had a few folks select the wrong shipping option over the weekend and it delayed shipping for their packages.

This offer expires on Friday the 13th of December, clever huh? ;)

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