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Post Posted: Mon Nov 25, 2013 11:20 am 

I have several rare Metro Detroit Gamer items up for auction right now and one in particular has garnered a few questions.

The item is IGHIP #27. This is a newsletter produced in the early to mid '70s. This particular issue has a "preview" of Underworld - of the Woodgrain D&D set. The preview is more of a summary of their playtest/review sort of thing. Obviously, this is post-D&D release. So it is weird to see it as playtest. But, knowing the guys who participated, and Mike Bartnikowski, who wrote the article, I can safely say they were playtesting but simply did not get around to it until after the Woody was released. And no, I don't have the playtest copy or anything else related to D&D (products) from Mike.  

This issue was produced in 1974* and if I had to guess, it was October or November of 1974.
* the listing says printed in 1975 - that is incorrect.

If I get some time, I will read through some of the earlier issues to see what else I can find. I have issues 4 and up (missing a couple others). IGHIP was converted into the more recognizable The Deck of Many Things digest-zine.

And I could've bought these damn modules off the 1$ rack!!!

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