Palladium and Robotech.
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Post Posted: Sun Oct 20, 2013 4:05 pm 

Hello everyone

I'd like to know your thoughts on one of the earliest that I am aware of mecha based RPG that was based off the idea of Japanese mecha shows. While I personally do not advocate what Harmony Gold did and is still doing to Super Dimensional Fortress Macross, and the following two seasons series. I do like the fact that it spread anime to a wider audience.

I know nothing about how this game worked I've come to you to get your thoughts on this system and the rarity etc.
I know that there has been a recent wargame version announced through kickstarter, and a new mecha game from the original writer of cyberpunk 2020(2000).

So what can you tell me about this game, is it good, bad, ugly, clunky or chunky?
To this day there have been supplements made for it so there must be a die hard fan-base or palladium and harmony gold would not make books.

Thanks Friends!


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Not much different than, at least system rules, the rest of Palladium games though I believe it introduced the idea of "Mega-Damage" which has its own controversies (and is used extensively in other P-games like RIFTS.) Never tried to track it down but I can't imagine it being super-difficult or very expensive.

Like the others, it has its hunks and chunks -- too many skills, many that cross-over and add to each other, "problems" with attributes being too high, damage being ridiculous, being useless when not in armor, etc etc. Nothing that cannot be overcome with a little tweaking. Not a game I would suggest mixing with the others in the "Megaverse" though as the robots are just... yeah.

The fact that they may make an occasional book for it doesn't really mean anything. Maybe they don't want to lose the license. Maybe they still hold off on hopes for something. Maybe they have to by their license. I don't put any weight to that as proof of sustainability or even that folks like the game.

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