Tombs of Valla and John Scott Clegg Productions
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Post Posted: Wed Jun 26, 2013 3:54 am 

I was talking with Mars about this sort thing a while back (about a different small press item).  He has a better sense of this niche than I do, for sure, but I seem to recall we came around to thinking that a dozen or two dozen copies of (most of) this sort of material appearing on the market would be enough to cover pretty much everybody who actually collects it.  Some items are better known and would be on the higher end and some are so obscure that five copies might be enough to fill the lists of the people who actually care.  The point is that it's a small number.  This particular group is attractively priced, helps an Acaeum favorite convention, appears to be in great shape, etc. so some additional folks will be interested.  That's great.  And if everyone who wants one can get one and there are still enough for a few people to speculate and stockpile, that's cool too.

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