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Post Posted: Mon Nov 26, 2012 8:29 pm 

The following is a list of Pacesetter products in chronological order. You will find Module Number, Module Name, Item Number, Printings (month/year).
I will get this posted up at with attached covers scans in the days ahead.

RC1 The Thing in the Valley  1901
       First Printing    10/09
       Second Printing   11/09
T1 The Thing in the Valley
       Third Printing   01/11

RC2 The Screaming Temple  1902
First Printing   12/09
       Second Printing   02/10
Q1 The Screaming Temple 1902
       Third Printing    1/11

RC3 Eruptor's Vengeance   1903
       First Printing  02/10
       Second Printing 2/10
Q2 Eruptor's Vengeance
       Third Printing    02/11

TM1 The Lost Caravan   3001
       First Printing    06/82
       Second Printing   05/10

ADV1 The Vampire's Curse   2001
       First Printing   06/10
V1 The Vampire's Curse
       Second Printing   03/11

C1 Circle of Fire    3002
       First Printing    01/11
       Second Printing    11/11

S1 The Haunted House of Clendil   S001
       First Printing  01/11

Q3 Death on Signal Island   1904
       First Printing   02/11
       Second Printing    05/11

B1 Legacy of the Unknown   2003
       First Printing    05/11
       Second Printing   03/12

I1 Grave of the Green Flame   2004
       First Printing   05/11
       Second Printing   02/12

TM2 Storm over Skyreach   3002
       First Printing    08/89
       Second  Printing   05/11
       Third Printing   06/11

U1 Dark Eye of the Hurricane  2005
       First Printing    05/11

DA1 Monster & Treasure Assortment: Level One   4001
       First Printing   09/11

DA1 Monster & Treasure Assortment: Level Two   4002
       First Printing  02/12

I2 Beyond the Black Wall   2007
       First Printing    03/12

S2 Prisoner of Destiny   S002
       First Printing   03/12

CSM1 Fog of War    6001
       First Printing    03/12

CSM2 Death From Above     6002
       First Printing    06/12

Q4 The Final Chapter   1905
       First Printing   06/12

V2 Palace of the Vampire Queen   3009
       First Printing  06/12

T2 The Things in the Forest  1906
       First Printing  06/12

TM3 Raid on the Acaeum   3003
       First Printing   06/12

DA1 Monster & Treasure Assortment: Level Three   4003
       First Printing   06/12

GC1 It Lurks Below   2012
       First Printing   08/12

SW1 The Secret of Redscar    8001
       First Printing   08/12

And I could've bought these damn modules off the 1$ rack!!!

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