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Post Posted: Sat Jul 14, 2012 12:47 pm 

A few questions about the series of third party published material called Book of X, which includes Book of Monsters, Book of Demons, and Book of Sorcery, all seemingly produced in the late 70s and probably intended for OD&D, if you kind gentle collector people don't mind...

1) in Book of Sorcery, there is, at the end of the work, a reference to both the others mentioned above. However, it discusses two different versions of Book of Monsters -- a 1st edition and 2nd edition. The 2nd edition is purported to have more monsters (124 total) whereas the 1st has 100. My simple question, since I appear to have the 2nd edition, is "how does one tell if they have the 1st without opening it?" My assumption is the back of the cover page... the 2nd edition states "over 120 monsters" and I would assume the 1st would say "with 100 monsters." Is there a page count discrepancy as well? Other obvious identifiers? It may be that the 1st edition is digest sized, since the one I have is not.

2) in my copy of Book of Monsters, there is a "future release" of a work titled Book of Terror. Did this ever get produced?

3) are there multiple printings of these, and if so, are they easily distinguished?

4) what are they worth (yes, that is an appraisal question, but my other questions are more important to me)?

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Post Posted: Sat Jul 14, 2012 3:05 pm 

1)  Book of Monsters is one that has been reprinted many times.  The original Little Soldier books have different covers so easy to see which edition you have (there might be a couple different prints in there too but no real change to content):

Also, later reprinted by Gamescience (with at least 2 different printings);

Also included in The Fantasy Gamer's Compendium by Gamescience (with at least 3 different printings):

2) Never seen any sign that Book of Terror was published

3) Yes there are some multiple printings of some of these - I would have to dig these out to go through them again.

Some different printings are listed on ToT (I think there are a bunch more though):

4)  The Little Soldier books tend to go in the $40-$65 range, The Gamescience Book of Monsters are harder to find and also sell in the $40-$65 range.  Fantasy Gamer's Compendium are usually $25ish - the white one is very difficult to find so it would sell higher to collector's looking to complete a set.

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